Danny and I would like to welcome you to our cattery - MC Attraction. Our cattery is located in Joplin Missouri. We pride ourselves on raising our cats in a clean and social environment, ideal for any kitten. We strive to socialize each kitten with people as well as animals, and to find owners who will provide them with a loving lifelong home. We believe it is our responsibility to make sure each of our kittens go to the best possible owners, and have the best care available. Our prized kittens have been featured in Hallmark cards and they were featured on Animal Atlas, a show on PBS. We invite you to spend a few minutes on our website and get to know our family at MCAttraction, "Where Every Cat is the Pick of the Litter."

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We have kittens available. Check the kittens available page for colors and sex and then email us for pictures.

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